3264393Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer FFT-070
3264397Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer FFT-080
3264401Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer FFT-100
3264405Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer FFT-120
3264337Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-070
3264341Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc On & Off Trigger Sprayer TS-075
3264345Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-080
3264357Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc On & Off Trigger Sprayer TS-085
3264369Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Adjustable Trigger Sprayer TS-090
3264349Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-100
3264361Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc On & Off Trigger Sprayer TS-105
3264373Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Adjustable Trigger Sprayer TS-110
3264353Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-120
3264365Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc On & Off Trigger Sprayer TS-125
3264377Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Adjustable Trigger Sprayer TS-130
3264381Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-150
3264385Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc On & Off Trigger Sprayer TS-155
3264389Consumer Trigger Sprayers1cc Adjustable Trigger Sprayer TS-160
3264324High Output Trigger Sprayers3cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-3600
3264303High Output Trigger Sprayers3cc Trigger Sprayer TS-3500
3264317High Output Trigger Sprayers3cc Trigger Sprayer TS-3500/55T
3264307High Output Trigger Sprayers3cc Trigger Sprayer TS-3600
3264320Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.2cc Foaming Trigger Sprayer TS-1200
3264286Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.2cc Trigger Sprayer TS-1200
3264290Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.2cc Trigger Sprayer TS-1300
3264314Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.2cc Trigger Sprayer TS-1300/36T
3264278Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.3cc Trigger Sprayer TS-023
3264311Industrial Trigger Sprayers1.3cc Trigger Sprayer TS-023/36T
3264328Industrial Trigger Sprayers1cc Foaming Trigger SprayerTS-035
3264282Industrial Trigger Sprayers1cc Trigger Sprayer TS-030
3264332Industrial Trigger Sprayers1cc Trigger Sprayer TS-035
3264294Industrial Trigger Sprayers2cc Trigger Sprayer TS-2300
3264298Industrial Trigger Sprayers2ccTrigger Sprayer TS-032
3264066No Metal Contact Pumps2cc Pump DPS2-A
3264070No Metal Contact Pumps2cc Pump DPS2-C
3264074No Metal Contact Pumps4cc Pump DPS4-A
3264083No Metal Contact Pumps4cc Pump DPS4-B
3264092No Metal Contact Pumps4cc Pump DPS4-C
5998023No Metal Contact Pumps4cc Pump DPS4-D
5998036No Metal Contact Pumps4cc Pump DPS4-E
3264237No Metal Contact Pumps10cc Pump DPS10/S
3264232No Metal Contact Pumps5cc Pump DPS5H/L
3264227No Metal Contact Pumps5cc Pump DPS5H/S
3264242No Metal Contact Pumps8cc Pump DPS8/L
3263933Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump DPW-A
3263996Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump DPW-A-ferrule
3263951Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump DPW-A-X
3263942Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump DPW-D
3263960Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump DPW-D-N
3263969Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump LPW
3264005Dispenser Pumps0.6cc Pump LPW- ferrule
3264023Dispenser Pumps0.7cc Pump DPS0.7-A
3264029Dispenser Pumps0.7cc Pump DPS0.7-B
3264035Dispenser Pumps0.7cc Pump DPS0.7-C
3264041Dispenser Pumps0.7cc Pump DPS0.7-D
3264059Dispenser Pumps1cc Pump DPS1-G
3264110Dispenser Pumps2cc Pump DP2-A
3264119Dispenser Pumps2cc Pump DP2-B
3264128Dispenser Pumps2cc Pump DP2-D
3264137Dispenser Pumps2cc Pump DP2-E
3264146Dispenser Pumps2cc Pump DP2-G
3264155Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-A
3264164Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-B
3264173Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-C
3264182Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-D
3264191Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-E
3264200Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-H
5998048Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-J
3264209Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-K
3264218Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TDP-M
5998057Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TPW-A
5998067Dispenser Pumps3.5cc Pump TPW-B
3331937Dispenser PumpsDP30-A/40
3591910Dispenser PumpsDP30-A/90
3591923Dispenser PumpsDP30-B
3264247Dispenser PumpsDP32-B
3264255Dispenser PumpsDP32-C
3264263Dispenser PumpsDP32-D
3263978Spray Pumps0.6cc Pump FSW
3264014Spray Pumps0.6cc Pump FSW ferrule
3263923Spray Pumps0.6cc Pump SPW
3263987Spray Pumps0.6cc Pump SPW ferrule
3264047Spray Pumps0.7cc Spray Pump DPSF
3264053Spray Pumps0.7cc Spray Pump DPSF ferrule
3264101Spray Pumps1 cc DP1-G Spray
3331954Pressure SprayerPSA


  • With output 1.0cc, trigger sprayers designed for home use need to function in a variety of situations. If the dispenser fails, the consumer will consider the entire experience a negative one and not purchase the product a second time. With efficient dispensing, repeat purchases are far more likely.
  • Products used in gardens and garages need to be dispensed in larger volumes than most products within the home. Hence, the dispensers used need to be impervious to higher pressures and dispense much larger quantity throughput. Our dispensers can handle up to 3cc of product output with no problem at all.
  • There are many products used in the industrial sector that may be use chemicals that are harsher than those found in the home, and require precise dispensing to make sure they don't spread too far while still being dispensed in large volumes. With output ranging from 1.0cc to 2.0cc, all of our industrial dispensers are designed to meet the needs of daily professional use and are tested for compatibility.
  • Many sensitive formulas can be affected by a number of stimuli, including environmental air or contact with metal parts in the dispenser. By isolating springs and keeping them separate from product flow, we ensure that delicate creams, gels, and other fluids do not discolour or prematurely spoil. These pumps’ output ranges from 1.0cc to 10cc.
  • With output ranging from 0.6cc to 30cc, all of our pumps are designed to have the smoothest possible strokes and ensure consumers enjoy a positive experience. Since 2014, we have provided several dispenser pumps designed for the food or pharmaceutical sectors, and our manufacturing meets international regulations.
  • To offer customers as many options as possible, we have developed various spray pumps with outputs ranging from 0.6cc to 1cc. Customers have a number of choices in terms of output or ferrules that can add value to their products.
  • Our pressure sprayers are comprised of our outstanding, multi-functional sprayer pumps. With a streamlined shape and able to dispense a strong and heavy flow, our pressure sprayers are very easy to use with various applications.