Cross-platform pumps are all the rage, according to PKP

PKP has produced a line of cross-platform dispensers that meet or exceed regulations in order to satisfy the requirements of all sorts of firms in the food, beauty, pharma, household, and industrial spaces. The dispensers are heavy-duty pumps that are equally at home in kitchens, bathrooms, professional eateries, broom-closets, and more.

The pumps were originally designed to satisfy client requirements for professional food dispensing but have branched out and are currently used in several markets. One of the key benefits of the pumps is the fact that they're all at a simple 90-degree angle with a simple aperture structure that points the product directly down for predictable applications. Further, all the pumps in the series offer no contact between the metal spring and the product, making the dispensers incredibly hygienic.

Long and short nozzles are offered according to customer requirements and the pumps can be shipped directly in their locked-down position to facilitate incorporation into a filling line. Dispensing for the pumps is currently set at 5cc, 8cc, or 10cc with two lengths (long or short) available for each dispensing volume.

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