The first priority of any business endeavour is to grow. With growth comes profit, and profit can be reinvested in a company to generate further growth. Growth in itself has nothing to do with ledgers and account balances, it's about people. People are the lifeblood of any corporate entity. Sustained growth means that existing team members will continue to receive appropriate compensation and that we can bring new people into the PKP organization, stimulating social and economic development in our local area.


Bring us your ideas, we thrive on new challenges

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Let's work together to figure out the best solution

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Getting your products to market quickly is our goal


Understanding that our primary goal is to develop as a firm, our goal with regard to customers and how we do business can be summarized succinctly as follows:

We provide incomparable dispensing solutions suited to customers' needs

What exactly, however, does that mean? First and foremost, we focus on dispensing, for a wide array of product types and sectors. Whether a company is looking to find the perfect spray it needs for garden products, a smooth gliding sauce pump to top restaurant-sized bottles, an efficient dosing pump for face cream, or a trigger that won't jam for window cleaner, we only offer dispensing solutions that function without fail, time and time again.

One of the cornerstones of our business is the way in which we deal with our customers. Any client with whom we engage professionally is sure to become and integral part of the process we've established as the most cost-effective and sensible way to work.

Each of our customers came to us with a specific products that required proper dispensing. We made sure to sit down with all of them and learn about their needs, their concerns, and of course, their products. In so doing, we were able to ascertain precisely what was important to them and provide a solution that suited them. Some customers are most concerned about price, some about presenting the right look and feel or branding, some about delivery, and many other concerns.

We help customers run through the available options and find a solution that is the most viable, specifically for them - without sacrificing other aspects of the packaging related to cost, quality, capability, etc. Each item we produce, then, is designed to appeal to a wide range of needs and by working with clients directly, we make sure that the requirements of the project are met perfectly, if not exceeded.

We focus on one thing: excellent dispensing

Some companies offer myriad products, but we prefer focus: We make the best dipensers and accompanying containers available on the market.

Our work is the direct result of our values

As professionals, we infuse what we produce with our personal values. Our customers become valued partners, they are members of the PKP family.

Our valued and expert team IS our company

We employ expert designers, engineers, and manufacturing technicians to ensure product runs turns out exactly the way our customers want them.