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PKP: A rich history and a clear path into the future

Established in 1981, PKP’s commitment to providing the best solutions possible has been reflected throughout the company’s history in the development of high quality and innovative dispensing solutions. PKP manufactures a number of interesting products, including industrial trigger sprayers, home and garden trigger sprayers, and dispensers for personal care products, cosmetics, and industrial applications.

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of PKP's core values. With ISO 9001:2008 qualified and multi-national patents achieved, PKP ensures that product distinction is assured. By supplying customers with a variety of products and customized packaging solutions, PKP unites forward-thinking clients with a set of value-added services and products simply not found elsewhere.

  • Consultation The first step in our development path is to meet with the client, discover the project's real scope, and agree upon milestones.
  • Design Our designers work diligently to ensure all client requirements are met, and that the product receives the appopriate containment and the proper dispensing solution.
  • First Production After a suitable prototype has been created, the first run takes off on our lines, within project scope and timelines.
  • Initial Quality Control A sample set of items on the line receive their first check to ensure a basic level of quality and to determine if the run is proceeding smoothly.
  • Continued Production The run continues in full force, reaching the maximum number of produced items per hour required as gauged to meet project deadlines.
  • Final Quality Control Prior to the full run being boxed and shipped, quality testing is performed on sampled items.
  • Warehousing The packaging run is boxed and stored according to delivery requirements, waiting to be delivered to the client.
  • Delivery The shipment runs through our logistic processes to ensure delivery will be punctual and within the projected budget estimates.