About us

PKP, also known as Prosking Packaging, has been manufacturing a wide array of dispensing solutions since 1981. Since then, we've become a well known supplier to a number of sectors requiring excellent dispensing, including the beauty, personal care, pharmaceutical, household, and industrial spaces. All of our dispensers are designed to work time after time, from first use all the way through last, and can be purchased independently or along with containers specifically designed to contain products appropriate to their sector. Compatibility is always a concern and we seek to offer the highest level of matching assurance possible.

Some ways in which PKP stands apart from other firms in the space include:

  • A superlative understanding of dispensing technology
  • Attention to how different products interact with various dispensers and containers
  • Complete ISO 9001 certification
  • A corporate culture dedicated to surpassing client expectations

At PKP, everything we do is geared toward defining the parameters of a project and ensuring we stay within temporal and financial parameters while thinking outside the box to provide unique solutions to companies requiring dispensing excellence.

Latest news

PKP renews ISO 9001 certificate version 2015

The 2015 edition of ISO9001 features important changes. ISO 9001:2015 even more focuses on performance, less prescriptive than its predecessor.

PKP releases a line of commercial dispensers geared toward the food market

One of Asia's leading dispenser firms, PKP has released a set of pump dispensers specifically geared towards the food market. The dispensers have been designed to offer flawless and consistent dispensing of viscous liquids.

Cross-platform pumps are all the rage, according to PKP

PKP has produced a line of cross-platform dispensers that meet or exceed regulations in order to satisfy the requirements of all sorts of firms in the food, beauty, pharma, household, and industrial spaces.